What is AfterPay?
Afterpay allows you to shop for
the things you love and pay over time.
Split your purchase across
4 instalments, due every two weeks.

All payments are interest-free and
there are no additional costs, as
long as you pay on time.

So buying a $200 item will see you
pay 4 x $50 every 2 weeks following
your initial purchase payment. All the
while the item is at home with you!
Afterpay procedure
The AP Philosophy
The credit industry remains fundamentally broken, seeing a world
full of suckers. It’s an industry that needs you to lose for them to
win, and it can only survive by pushing the next generation into the
same cycles of debt.

We see the world differently.

We trust in the next generation and share a vision of a more
accessible and sustainable world in which people are rewarded
for doing the right thing. So we started a movement in which
everyone can win—shoppers, retailers and society—by putting
optimism before opportunity and people before profit.
With no credit checks, no interest and no surprises, we empower
the next generation to enjoy today with the confidence of
knowing where their money is going rather than worrying
about where it went.

There was before, and now there’s Afterpay.
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